Sunday, March 14, 2010

i dont know how to start it
because im not that kinda
romantic && sweet person
im heartless
its been 2 years but now
im speechless!
i do want this but i keep reminding myself
not to hope for this :)
miserable i guess
be strong la
so, please dont you ever let me fall in love with you
or treat me like those couples do
PLEASE DONT! (im dying for that)
because im scared
im scared of loving
im scared of losing
im scared of fighting
im scared of lying
im scared of pretending
grrr :P
you make me want to be love, care and to be close with
but no worries :)
i ll never ever burden yourself dear by having me
im not like those girls outside there
with heels, handbags, make up, shades
and some sort of RICHIES stuff
im just me...
nothing sparkle at me to attract u
im just that ordinary :)
so, i dont deserve a person like you
you such a wonderful thing that ever happened to me
you are my sweet dream
you are my lullaby syg..
thank you :)
please be happy for me :DD

p/s: i think im falling in love wif u or maybe (,") :P

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