Saturday, April 3, 2010

that s the date :)
im sorry for the confession that i ve made
but seriously that s not the point
that word EAGER something that urghh
hurt me much
not this much but theesssseeee much
yes it s true!im eager to noe
as i said to u before
im just kinda fall in love with u
and is it a BIG huge problem fer u?
ohh maybe im no suit u well then
i ll improve myself derr
but to be honest
i got HEART broke , n it doesnt matter
im born to be like dat
perhapps no but yes it is
i rather be myself so that nobody s hurt
u ask for ur own space rite?
go ahead..i ll not take that.of cos it urs
but please i think of u n pls think of me too
things that u want differ from the things that i want!sigh~ s life
u cant get wtv u want rite?haha
so sokayy..
apprcte things that we have spent together coz it s so sweet kott :DD
do take care laa yerk n live ur life to the fullest
i ll be hppy as u re happy sexy soul ;)
bye2 then..
sorry for every single things that hurt u even touch u
i ta mksodkan pape

p/s: maybe this isnt the time for me yet to be loved thats all :'(

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