Saturday, April 24, 2010

I self destruct every relationship so that i don't get hurt
but in truth i just hurt myself worse in the long run.
it s enough n it s over
let s make it over n i wont be hurt
u also wont be hurt
wtv excuses of this i wont be mind of
u re not at my place and now i do believe
"be with the person who love u the most not with the person u love the most coz the person u love the most will find the person who he loves the most "
yarh that s rite
i dont believe in love now but i do believe in miracle
what happen between us is just a sweetdream of mine
and nightmares for you
and i ll not put the blame on you
it s my fault and you re innocent
alaaa you kan hot
ramai kot pompuan suke you
i mean belambak !
malu kan i asyik call2 you
ohh jgn risau pasni tade dah u
and tade dah org akan kacau u malam2 time u tdo
tade da org nk mngade2 ng u nk webcam
tade dah org nak suh u teman smpi naek flight
tade dah org akan call n ganggu u lagi
tade org yg akan marah2 u lagi
and u boleh bahagia ng sape2 saje
with your dream gal supposed to
u ni tertukar org la
it s not me it s someone else
who far more better than i am
that obe deserve u alot s
u nk kua ng sape gayot ng sape it s up to u
maybe i terlalu into u kot coz i thought u re also into me
just take care of yourself
and i dont give chances who failed in taking care of it
double thanks coz break my heart n make me feels scared to be loved
good job ! (thumbs up)

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