Thursday, April 15, 2010

im home baby!
ohh relieve!
it was so good to be home
that no more shit heat! haha
on9 24 hours also can maa
im pissed off with my two stupid cute sis!
urghh lupekan! thats not the topic yet! :P
it was superb blast!
coz i ve met u reyzian hannan dearie ;)
thanx for accmpny me the whole nite
i apprcte that syg
silly me i ve booked ticket early in the morning
6.05 am??grrr
sory3 :)
but yet still awesome an? :P
sorry kerana menyusahkan anda ye heh
cant wait to meet u again
real soooonnn~
im free noe!
yeah :DD

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