Wednesday, April 21, 2010

it s killin me softly

i dont know why i am so attract to this
even my mum asks me to stop
i cant ! yes mama kakak ta boleh
it touched me n make me feel so breaking down n cry
this evening , as usual
i akan bace some great news thru online
for sure
out of sudden , i read a not so hot topic but it talks humanity
it s about a girl , 3 years old little girl
with a long straight hair , white pink skin and her eyes full of hope
wearing a blue top and a white pants
she s holding a bag , got something that keep her alive
and yet she s not alone !
her little 6 months brother also there with her !
pity them ! urghh i cant understand human now .
seriously :(
just please stop doing crap things ! PLEASE !
both of them were left by their stupid mom
and i think i shouldnt call that woman a MOM !
sampai hati tinggal ank cam tu je
dr pg smpai tengah malam
and during mid nite , a person saw them
walking along the street without any food and drinks for a WHOLE DAY !
they refused to come along with that uncle and they were really sure their mom will come
"no dear , they ll not come , ur mom doesnt need u anymore that s y she left u here"
arghh she just 3 years old but im sure she ll understand this one day
someone did ask her
"where s ur mum?"
"uhm..mommy went somewhere and she said she cant bring us along"
"i dont know"
"uncle , im starving " *cried
"u didnt eat anything at all since the morning?"
"i just drink a few of my brother s milk , not much coz he s keep on crying"
*yet his brother was asleep that time
pity u my gal , i wish that i am 25 years now , so that i can adopt u
and i promise i ll give u my love that u ll never ever ask for more sayang
but it just a wish ! im sorry dear
since that day
police took steps to find her parents for days but there s no sign at all
until someone came to adopt her
but just the little gal not her brother !
but she couldnt separate with her little brother even a second.
they love each other so much.
please dont put them apart.
please someone take care of them
they are the ray of lights
they got hopes
and they need u to fullfill their hopes~

p/s : feel me and feel them too.thats all

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