Tuesday, April 20, 2010

perfect !

sayang ,
thanks for every single tiny things that u gave me
i do apprcte that ! so much
my life seems to be so smooth after u come into my world
i dont make a joke but it s the truth
i wont dare to talk lie about u my dear
thanks for your care & thanks for your love
i promise i ll always be with you all the time
bad either good
i promise !
i ll take care of you , your family , your everything dear
i m so in love with you
hope that will be the last for me sayang
i dont have to be your first love dear , but i want to be the last
can i?
i ll make sure for it ;)
take care && all the best for your future
14324 :)

p/s : terima kasih kerana membahagiakan hidop saya reyzian :)

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