Monday, May 31, 2010

for my past present & future man

dear reyzian hannan alias ,
i was the most luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life
you are such a sweet person
and im so glad we had make it trough so well since before this we always fought
to be with you is a dream come true
and i cant express my feeling how im so happy with that
seems like the skies accompany me under the shady wonderful clouds
seems like the leaves on the trees waving at me with a beautiful wishes
seems like the sun always brighten up my day with the glazing sunshines
seems like the ocean cooling down all the entire ecosystem to give me a calm life
as you ll be with me all the time
how i glad that dear
so much
i do love you
my love for u as much as the air that i breathe out every moment im alive sayang
im sure that someday you ll be my man
my man who hugs me when im sleeping
my man who cherish me with the laugh n jokes
my man that i love so much
husband for the wife
father for my kids
i love you reyzian hannan

lots of love , hanis hazwani hazmin >3

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