Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i love sayang
thanks for the song
actually it was your msg tone yang i dah set fr ya hehe
klaka kan but sweet gile cam kebetulan
i want to meet you sometimes
looking forward for that dear
i miss you so much
i miss your jokes
durhh i could be dying not to hear that in a day
i love you , i love you , i love u!
u paham x ?? T_T" hehe
i rase hari2 u ng i makin understanding each other
im so glad ! fuhh lastly after gado2 kan syg
menyampah macam mana pon i kat u
marah macam mana pon i kat u
sedih macam mana pon i kat u
i still syg u
akan syg u
selalu sayang u :)

p/s : i love you reyzian hannan

lots of love , hanis hazwani with cuddles ;)

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