Monday, September 6, 2010


actually this pic gives me 1001 things to say. 1st muadzam is TOTALLY HOT! and plus my apartment VERY THE JAUH from my class ! whaddaeff word ! :( seriously i need a CAR! and i want it to be LATIO SPORT ! ohh sorry high demand sbb uniten ni semua anak org kaya-kaya ! humph but not me :')

semua ini adalah husemate saya! yang dua tuu EX okay , they both dah move their ASS off ! ta suke mereka sebab macam la krang suka aku , they were moved out to other apartment, why ? blame my bisingness of me :'( im sorry still loving both of you hehe :D

hye geng ! haha , she s IKA and she s totally my partner here. she s doing her best to be my ROOMATE, HOUSEMATE, CLASSMATE and even SECTIONMATE! omgosh haha , well thank god we bth mix up so well :)

the first day of my orientation week , oh sorry muka i suci ! see the face maa with that purple thingy i mean that tudung la :D

okayy ni my happy face ! now i just nak focus to be a great accountant one day ! pray for me peeps ! i love you ! TAKE CARE XOXO

p/s ; sorry guys , my picture wasnt cool enough coz im not using my old phone. MIA again now im using my superb samsung ! PFFT :( take care daa

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