Tuesday, October 5, 2010


11 October 2010 (11010010).
The final is coming real soon peeps.
And all i need is some good luck wishes because i dont prepare for the final yet.
Yela nak dekat final banyak pulak aral melintang pukang --"
Whatever it is , still gonna work hard. I mean HARDER.
There is a quotes that says;

" Time is a good teacher , but it kills all its pupils " :')

hehe Im having some difficulties with my exam tickets !
I dont know what kind of university is this that all the student have to take out their ticket first before entering the exam hall. WHADDAHEK --"
Without it , jangan harap la boleh masuk !
STRICTLY not allowed ya.
And also , i have to cover up my blonde hair (whateveh ;p )
because blonde hair is not allow also.
So tudung pulease be nice to me , ayu sikit yaa ;D
banyak halangan kan ? See life is not that easy if yourself make it uneasy hehe :B

For those who having the finals soon , be well prepared !
Good luck for everyone :D

-- "Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow,Sometimes we must fail in order to know, Sometimes we must lose in order to gain Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.Have a blessed day !" --

Lots of knowledge konon,
hanes :')

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