Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey morning peeps , I woke up kinda early this morning sebab nak keluar. Hehe
Well Im having great times here with mr rey. Thanks for coming yeah againn --"
Yesterday we decided to go for a picnic at the Lanjut beach where it is just like an hour from my college. Do I mentioned JUST LIKE ?? No it isnt , agak jauh ye --" The road was damn spooky , at night laa and haa make sure your petrol is full because they got no petrol station there. I wonder where do their people get petrol because the nearest petrol station ( SHELL AND PETRONAS ) is like 66km far. Yeah , I respect you original people of Kampung Kerpal , if Im not mistaken its name. Hehe. Haa , before i forgot , I did ask jet and cerah to come along. Thank you guys ! You make my day :)

Before going to Lanjut Beach, we went to Tasik Biru where air dia sangat biru. Sumpah you will fall in love with this lake. For sure! I was like OHMYYYGOD , can u imagine ? I know its hard to explain by words so lets look at our pic :)

P/S: Masa I sampai , i pakai shade and i cakap" hek eleh biasa la ni takde la biru sangat , then BF cakap " acu bukak shade tuu haaa " Then Im speechless :| Lawaa !

After that , off we went to Lanjut Beach. Thank you boyfriend for the safe drive :)
By the way , I cooked for him , his favourite spaghetti. Err bukan feveret sangat laa sebab dia makan semua ! Thank god dia makan sampai habis. Yawww good sign dude :D
At lanjut , everything turned sweet. We walked at the beach , cari siput-siput haa , kejar-kejar. Awww so adorable one <3 ! Kalau boleh I tanak balik :'( tapi kena balik ! :S hehe
And here are some of our pic there :)

Thank you mr rey sebab teman I kat hospital semalam , Err bukan I yang sakit kawan I
Im proud of you because even u were damn tired but still you datang jugak. Thank you so sooo much ! XX.

Okay , now I dah kena pergi mandi and I think this will be my last day gong out with my bf to Kuantan with his adorable aunt. No doubt and i think his aunt way more pretty than me. --" jealous much. hehe

Buh bye peeps , have a nice day ! Love you all XX

p/s : Love the loved one like today is your last day with them. Trust me. It works :)

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