Thursday, March 10, 2011


Im so happy
why ?
because I ve done all the things that I ve listed in my diary. Fuhh
And not any single thing pun yang tertinggal.
Hebat weh hebat, takmau dah tangguh macam last sem semua last minute.
Okay now nak mandi, just got back from class.
Then study, need to get dean list for this last sem.
Baru abah mama sayang, dapat paw I pad ke I pud ke hehe :')

and my wish for this whole sem, score everything so that carry marks macam superman
always wear baju kurung pergi class
tak salah for pakai baju kurung without tudung aite
but at least it will look more sopan and ofc more selesa.
Take care buddy, have a nice day

Thank you Allah for your blessings.
ok bye nak mandi ! :D