Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank you

I got like 2 hours of break, so lets share something shall we ? ;)

for this current days, Im living my life to the fullest with pretty friends of mine.
Classes are not so pack due to this is my final sem ! Yeaaahuuu :D
Okay actually Im not going to tell you about my life here but I just want to share a lil bit of something about ''we have to be grateful with what we ve got''

I realized that I come from standard family as in not that rich and not that poor.
yet still survive till the end :)
but sometimes I always do argue with my parents on something that I really-really want and I think that s so normal in life. Is it ? ;)
But after I read a blog about the palestin, hunger and all of that sad , touching stuff, I feel like
" Thank you Allah for your blessing, thank you so much "

To be what u really want to be is impossible because our lives had been written but it is possible to change the bad to good. Just put some effort by ourselves, then here we go :)

I still remember when I was daddy s favorite girl;

I always forcing my dad instead of my mum to buy new jeans, dress, handphone and so on and honestly I have more than 3 handphones yet I still craving for new one.
But thats the past story now Im not longer that kiddos laah ;)
Having 1 is enough but I still do keep others well.

It is normal for a girl to get jealous when her friend wearing new hot clothes and she has nothing like hers. Seriously, i was in the same situation also ;)
but now u can get rid of it by always looking at the mirror and say
" I ll be good with this " everyday
"you are not ugly but instead of that, you are so unique ;) "
You dont have be that pretty, just be yourself. :)

Boyfriends, hmmm I think that s a very common talk among us ;)
Honestly when I was like 8 years old, I had a talk about this with my mom and my sisters
" Mama , nanti Wani dah grow up, Wani nak kahwin dengan anak raja so that dapat rumah besar, kereta banyak, duit banyak and boleh beli semuanya "
13 years old
" Mama, nanti Wani nak boyfriend yang handsome macam brad pitt. Sure bangga mama ! "

17 years old
" Hmmm Mama can I have a boyfriend now ? "

19 years old
" Mama, im falling in love with this guy ;) "
" Ohh really ? Who s that man ? "
" adalaaaaaa"
" Is it he s handsome, anak raja, banyak kereta, banyak duit semua yang kakak nak tuu ? "
" Hmm tak he s just an ordinary guy mom "

and now I am 20 years old, and I already realized that love is blind.
Even now Im single but I dont think Im available yet. :)
I used to keep on laughing about this guy that s soo ordinary but he just took my heart away.
He has nothing with him instead of a heart.
No big houses, no big cars.

So not anything that we want we can get it. Remember life is soo fair.
All we have to do is just praying for the best of all of us :')

Amin :)

Eyya, have a nice day :D

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