Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hmm I was so worried about the tsunami since someone in my twitter said that tsunami will be hitting Malaysia in 2 hours but I dont have any idea when.
Then I tweet her back asking about terengganu s condition.
Its so shocked when knowing that terengganu beach were also in a not good condition too.
Haih -,-
So, I woke up early and make a long call with Mama.
Thank god I I have nothing to worry about.
Sorry Mom, for not calling you this often.
I have some internal problems that I have to hide from you.
But still Mom keep on asking me where have I been up to, hows life and so on.
Oh my god, I felt like ohh there s still someone who cares about me when you dont.

Oh yaa during our long conversation, mom asking me about Hana Tajima ? -,-
Is that really look like "MOM, IT S RIDICULOUS " haha
Then I explained to her one by one,
Maybe my sisters keep on talking about her since both of them are so excited about wearing hana tajima style. Adik, please jangan lame sangat haha :D
I siad to Mama that I envy her. WHY?
" Alaa mama, dia mix blood that s why dia cantik ma. Putih lagi semua ofc cantik "
Kalau kakak mix, kakak rasa kakak pun cantik ;)

Then, what mama ve said to me was like hmm okay Im too cool to be true aha.
Well I came from a mixed blood too but I dont have that white skin and perfect face like others do.
In me, I have yunan chinese, pakistan and also arab blood.
But for me, mixed blood bukan semua cantik,it depends sometimes kan ? :)

Well, are you mix too ? Oh thats why you are soo pretty today :)

Have a nice day peeps. XX


  1. yunan chinese, pakistan and arab mixed? for real?

  2. yeah mama lah yang cakap. I dont even know where the hell s that chinese came from haha

  3. i thought you were punjabi mix's.. xD