Saturday, March 5, 2011

Si gemuk debab

Kau lawa sangat ? Yeah bagi kau.

Dah la kau nak menang ? Okay pergi la menang. Hamek laaa. hamek. Berani dekat blog tarak apa laaah, bak datang sini atau aku pergi sana ? Nak ? Peace girl

This bullshit deserve triple bullshit !

For her beloooved boyfriend,

Maybe you are so proud of having her as a girlfriend but remember A thing that ;

She s so pathetic leaving her EX for you and im 99.9% sure that she ll do the same thing to you. Easy said, she ll leave you whenever she wants to whenever she meets handsome guy. Poor thing baby. If its true that she s loving you with all her heart, i bet you she ll never ever talk about her ex, jealous about her ex and etc. I talk with proof. Thank you gentleman :')

Maybe you guys are too sweet but true relationship doesnt look better yet just within 4 months and a few days. I bet you.

Baru setahun jagung.

and one more thing, please stop stalking my blog. Please. and one more thing your grammar s seriously like hello, please go back to your kindergarten please :)

photoshoot ? oh is t you guys have been stalking my photo album for the sake of that pic. Oh maai god, so sarcastic ! bukan semua photo nak kena upload okay and i do have tons of it. But im not like your type. For me photoshoot is just for the sake of picture, nothing doing by letting all those friends watch them. Thank you kiddos

Juling ? heyy, meet me face to face. Let see who s juling or not and one more thing, lets compare your size and mine , shall we girl ? ;)

By the way, aku tak bodoh sbb masuk private but private does offer better quality in study instead of government, you dont have that money, so please dont talk much okay.
And hello Im under scholar by the way and IM NOT TAKING DIPLOMA like you do moron.
Sorry for those who are taking diploma, it doest mean to you but only for this slut only. No harm, peace ;)

Pasal club ? haa kau nak menang ? amek laa. Kau raja segala club weh and please jangan suruh kawan kau yang GEMOK tu add aku for the sake of stalking my profile. Please okay haha
Nak tahu tanya je tak ada masalah apa-apa okay.
Maybe kau boleh gaduh dengan orang kampung kau, tapi hello you are messing up with a girl with brain. No need to post that thing in your blog.
you ve started it, so end it. AND I MEAN IT girl :)

Sorry for the harsh post but u never deserve any good thing from me, Maybe this small part of my middle finger for you.

FUCK you slut.
Take a good care and remember watch your back.
because somehow somewhere theres someone who hate you like damn piggy much.

toodles ;)


  1. i don't know what to say..but can i give u claps and applause for having guts to express ur feelings..hehe

  2. how old are you again?

  3. 2 years old, that 0 cant be counted hehe

  4. hahaha..
    u're like SERIOUSLY MAD dear~~
    take my advice..
    do not get mad always for things that not worth even a bit..
    cepat tua nti sayang..hahah

  5. hehe dia post banyak pasal hanis tahu tak, ahaha hanis post satu je :D