Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear mom.

Hey , I am not in the right mood actually but since I dont have anyone to talk to so maybe posting it here could cure a bit. Well, mom just text me and the text was touched. I dont why I keep on running away when mom and dad called me. It feels like so teruk but I do have reason behind this. How I wish I could tell you everything that comes up my mind like this but naah, I still have to take care of your feelings also. Dont worry I ll be okay in meantime mom, just Muadzam didnt treat me that nice but I ll prove to everyone that Im not that bad-ass girl ever. I promise they wont ever screw up my result and study stuff.


I hope you are doing great there at home.Wish to meet you soon. really miss your cuddle so much.
I am crying alone in ths room here. Life is so unfair but i still remember your words. Biar org lain buat jahat dekat kita,kita jgn sesekali. Even R did that things to me and yes mom i feel like a totally loser. I cant even stand up by my own. how I wish you were here. Everything is okay as long as I already start my prayer. Feeling so calm. Thank You Allah.


This is the text I ve received from mom, i think she s abit terasa with me. I am sorry mama :'(
take care mom, wani sayang mama sangat sangat :'(

Wani tgh buat apa? rajin2 baca buku, nanti dpt DL lg. Wani x sygkan mama, wani tak rindu mama

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