Saturday, March 20, 2010

confession :)

im not being me or myself
this few days (bak kate yna la)
ok sygss
i noe that actually i was really-really hurt
that i want somebody to always be wif me but
now i realize i dont have to
coz it make me feel even worse
im scared to face the day that
i ll be left
again again && again
i wont text u if u dont text me
i wont call u if u dont call me
i wont give u comments till u do
i wont say ily if u re not true
because im the one who s into it, but u re out of it
so it FULLSTOP again
ohh hurty baby sokayy then
i ll be tough as i ve be tough for those 2 years :)
thx to yna mazlina :)
ily syg
p/s: if u re happy,i also happy :)

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