Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i was so damn sad todayy
everything seems so dull & dark
like im in a hole and there s no way out
breathless :(
i dont like this
knp mama wat kakak camni??
u said to me it s already settle but!
no actually
u like changing ur mind mama
& im the one who suffer
i noe you got the rite for me
but please
i do got feeling
i dont want to be rude as im your daughter
but please mama :(
i keep on thinking about this
i want to be a doctor not because of money
not because of famous
not because of the stupid stuff
it because of myself
i want to cure people
i want to be with people who needs me mama
people who suffer
people who are dying
its my life
seeing happiness in others eyes
im happy with that mama
so happy
there s nothing i want in this entire life
just let me decide by my own
this time only!
and i wont make both of u regeret for doing so :)
i promise mama :)
im sorry~

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