Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dear R.H

sorry for my mood swing~
tot u re ready for all that u ve said EXTRA for all
im so so so sorry okayy
the word that i ve said it s not true at all
i just so damn need u but u seem so busy :(
sokayy i understand :)
one day please bare in your mind that..
if i say that i dont love you
that s mean i do love you so much
if i say keep urself away from me
that s mean be close to me always
if i say i wont disturb u again
that s mean i want u to disturb me
if one day i say that leave me
that s mean stay with me forever
im sorry dear :(
i do love you so much
but sometimess i dont really like your EGO! urghh
u like a dumb u know
be sweet lahh as u asked me to
haha :DD
i know u also have a heart sayang
im sorry okayy
but please do understand that woman s heart is more fragile dear

sorry okay ! :D

p/s : ily :)

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