Sunday, March 28, 2010

dear reyzian hannan alias

sayang :),

to be with you is my dream
to be apart from u is my nightmare dear
to be love is my priority
hope that one day
you & me will be together
i dont care what people do talk
because they have the right to talk
they have mouths to speak
they have ears to hear
they have nose to breathe
they have eyes to see
but they dont realize that somehow
they are supporting me in any side
negative either positive
they dont feel what we feel
my feeling for you reyzian hannan something that is not out spoken
or something that i can show by action
my feeling for you is something that u cant see
but you always can feel it
feel me whenever u want me
and please know that
everytime i need u
i am feeling you :)

p/s : semakin hari semakin sayang :)

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