Wednesday, March 31, 2010

life isnt that easy
yup for sure
i ll bet no one in this entire world has an easy life
but for me
life also not that hard
as one said that
"life is like a swing. that sometime u ll up and sometime u ll down"
that s a LIFE
but in whatever situation is
tough is need!
"no pain, no gain" rite?
u have to be ANYTHING
so that u ll be SOMETHING for ANYTHING that EVERYTHING
and of course u ll not be a NOTHING
my life isnt that good
im not rich yet poor
im not beautiful yet ugly
but im grateful
so grateful that i have all the sense needed to be alive
i dont need others to proud of me
coz im so proud of myself
all i want just to see the FAIR & SQUARE world
thats all
just please put some humanity in your heart people
because they who need this will apprcte this
it isnt that hard laa
i bet you
being good to others , soon Allah give you triple good :)
that s for sure
thank you ;)

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