Friday, April 2, 2010

arini dah 2 april 2010
so that s mean tggl lagi 12 hari wany kat negeri kedah
hurmm lot of things happened here
happy so much
hurt so much
but overall i thanked god! at least im in the rite path :)
about fren?
huge thing to talk about
wany rase wany byk lukekan ati org kat sni dgn pgai wany
so this 2nd sem wany just treat ma life better
SIBS was so awesome!
im gonna miss all our sweet memories
im gonna miss the basketballs so much!
congrats for our team coz got that JOHAN
hell yeah bebeh! 46-0 hahaha ta bley blah ohh
pasal kimi n myra hahaa klaka plak
men truth or dare like F word pls :DD
and semua semua :(
wany mntak mf byk2 if ade wat salah
kalau bley wany nk je pg face to face ng korg smua
but wany ingat lg that lines
'jgn kau muncul lagi depan aku!'
erkk..thats kinda hurt actually
i hope that u re happy :)
to be honest i dont like KMK much
hurmm..the environment here doesnt suit me well :(
thank you for my lecterurs
classmate even roomate
or anyone that knw me
tatau la ke mne wany going to be for my next stop
i dont even have any idea for that hurmm
i ll miss you so much :'(
take care KEDAH

p/s : final s coming soon.pray for me pls! :(

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