Monday, September 13, 2010

forgetting and forgiving (:

hello peeps , how s your eid s going ? i hope all of us having a great eid mubarak :')
dah minta maaf dgn kakak, abang , adik , mama , and abah ? saya dah :) hehe.
this year as usual lah i mesti balik kg and celebrating my first eid with ayah tua and yu ( yu s my step grandmother ) she cooks so MMMMMHH delicious ! ehee. and also my other big relatives. FUHH ! house was so packed with TEH AND FAMILY live from sabah and aslo my big brother, beloved wifey and my anak sedara yang so adorable BALQIS >3 hehe. 2nd eid was also a blast with the dizzy busy day ! yaa my family buat open house and thank god everyone s coming. UNEXPECTED sedemekian ramai :D well well well my 3rd eid wasnt that best enough to tell , sort of bored things happened FCUKING traffic jam ! and i was stuck in the car for hours? can u imagine that? well im not that shocked coz it was expected to be like that :') duit raya ? PFFT! ingatkan makin besar makin banyak , well this theory is totally WRONG ! but i stii got some . SOMMMME only :( tu pun sehinggit2 haha :P . okay get ready ya for my picture during my hari raya :) see ya soon people ! take care ! remember drive carefully , ingatla org tersayang :)

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p/s : i dont want to go back to UNIHUTEN :'(

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