Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hazmin and Norhayati :')

hello all , im home ! glad to be home FUHH
escaping from the MUADZAM was heaven.
_______LOL_______ :D
heyya , im missing my hazmin so much and norhayati too
GOSH both of you re getting olderrr :)
was being like ages i dont jejak kakike rumah
busy with the shah alam so a bit forgetting the terengganu
derr poyohh haha
today ! i cook for the berbuka puasa nya meal oh yeah
good job kan ?well hanes kan :P
but actually it was sound a bit like im TERPAKSA coz mum was busy wth her work
* SIGH :'(
it s okay everything is for me
ok i got to go now , my sibs nga busy suh kemas barang
yelaa my house just fininshed okay :D
have a great XOXO times all BUH BYE ! XX

p/s: both of them are my mama and abah ,love you all much *cuddles :)

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