Saturday, September 4, 2010


hello peeps ! huh JEALOUS WITH MY NEW DENIM JACKET? hehe was joking okay , err if u all nak jugak grab it la at forever 21 ! RM119.00 it s worth it you know ! murah ? bagi you all mmg ler , i x ! hey better you tell u mommy it cost just only for 19 hinggit ! yarh get ready to be punished la , BODOH ! MANA ADA 19 hinggit ! durhh :P..

ehem ehem also new handbag ! for seriously im lovin it ! comes from LOEWE. nak jugak ? hihi pg beli sendiri :P i think this one trend latest for nowadays (hey , bila masa pulak i ni in trend sgt ! boo myself ) soory i dont into fashion okay ? :DD EHEE

ang taraaa ni semua yang i shopping semalam ! btw not everything up there is mine ya ! plus with my fren oso , if i punya jeh bapak lerhh haha ! derr im not kaya like you , im just mentega :D ok peeps got to go to bb plak , bye2 guys !

p/s : sorry this lately ta post anything about me! sebab im off to shopping always ! it s megasale okay ! i repeat MEGAASALEEEEE XD

okay inteprem jap ! haha ! bye guys ! take care :')

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