Monday, September 6, 2010


hye guys ! yarh i know that my title sucha lame FOINE tapi memang suit ! coz im back to MUADZAM SHAH already , missing the hectic cities , lights and everything even the MAPLE! MA PE LE ! not that maple brand okay :'). by the way im having some EVERYDAY IS A BAD DAY theory this currently , humph u know what ? dont know ? aite shad the dup and listen to this cutie mouth moving :P bhahaha my mid sem test paper was MIA ! whaddahek? :'( everyone got their marks aedy but mine was missing ! actly i tersalah tulis section ! F ME :( i tatau nape la bongek nak mampus huhu pray for my lucky math s paper ya u all puhlease ! gather 40 orang n wat solat hajat hehe (hajat ehh ? ohh wtv lahh :') ) hehe. okay guys ! i need to go , realy2 sebab nak g bukak pose kat luar with along and ika :') ! mmmmhh lapar nak mampus :D toodles !

p/s: hey im going home tomorrow MORNING ! hehe happy eid ya ! safe journey love :)

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