Tuesday, September 28, 2010

living my life as USUAL.

hello malaysia and every single human atas bumi ni , GOOD MORNING !
today i woke up really early in the morn because my beloved mum called me and bubbling whatever stuff that i dont really care about :p
it is her common routine actly. adik adik kat rumah , tahan tahan la ye :D
so long i dont postanything from me yet. Well actually life gettin much better nowadays but ya it s life so u cant run even avoid ourself , yes you and also me from any trouble. Yarhh we arent SUPERMAN even CICAKMAN. watevehh !
haa by the way im having a sympton 'SELERA MAKAN HILANG'. Since 2 weeks ago perhaps.
So sad because all food that i really want to eat , feel like urghh ! puke.
Going to seek for a doctor BUT i got tons of things to do PLUS my final is just around the corner. hmm :S
things need to settle for today is:
1. surat cuti sakt @ MC
2. yuran pengajian
3. basuh baju
4. teman yana amek kek
5. tolong yana for someone s party
6. still thinking because so banyak lagi urghh im dying !
so people out there, dont ever TANGGUHtangguh your kerja (sorry idk angguh in english, LAME ) kill me now. I am tired.

Ok la guys i need to keyboard off now. toddles :') XX

p/s : sem break is coming soon ! any suggestion for a short holiday ? :D

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