Wednesday, September 22, 2010

EHEMM (amaran)

hello peeps ! howwawyuh? actually i dont even sabar nak post this post sebab well it is pretty fun to read, mmm maybe yarh maybe not.
Doesnt matter lah. You all pernah tengok channel TV3 y iklan adik ATIQAH tu x
(if im not mistaken her name la)
it s about HIV actually. Well it is true "HIV BUKAN UNTUK DIWARISI" :')
so for those couple , single even in a complicated relationship sekalipun !
PUHLEASE dont do sex or sweet called is make love, WHATEVER.
U dont know how 'cleann' your partner is, even how sweeeeet he/she talks , doent mean he/she is 'clean' enough.
I was soo touched with that IKLAN TV3. Well done.
she was inherited from her parents. BUT finally she suffer ALONE.
So please dont do sex even how handsome your boyfie/grlfie.
Kahwin dulu and find a room ya. That s a real gentleman does :')
ok no sex talk dah :') ehee.
Im going back to shah alam this weekend for my friend's open house. meet you there :)


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