Monday, September 20, 2010

mess :'(

hye peeps , still beraya lagi ? dah dah laa tuu HAHA
fyi , im already back to my college life (muka bosan)
seriously i HATE assgnment yang leceh2
im out of track aite now !
time s killing me softly, and peeps ! please dont do ths at home , at school still can :P
by the way my QA paper is still missing. urghh isnt that sounds kinda F word.
i spent most of my time study qa then hilang. GILA ! :'(
ok la i just back from classes yang pack nak mampus , and this 4pm still got class AFAF. :(
tolong laaaa study life is soo damn boring !
nak tdo , buh-bye !

p/s : kau boleh x fikir life kau ! biar teratur seket ! jgn nak arapkan org lain :')

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