Saturday, September 4, 2010

time let me be a crap :')

hye guys , sorry for the stupid time management PLUS i didnt bring my laptop here. reason why ? blame FACEBOOK and others stupid internet stuff ! hey hey , i miss you all guys err girls also :') tehee ! so how are you doing? hope everything goes smooth ya ! puasa x ? seriously this puasa betul2 terseksa mehh , MUADZAM kan haha , hey dont put the blame on it , blame this crap lady humph ^_^". by the mean time i menyepikan diri , many things happened around me such as friends , study stuff , boyfriend (later we talk about this ya :'( ) hehe , ok sad mood please go ! i said PUHLEASE aite ? so go away! shuu :') study semua okay jehh , cewahh PUKE ! u know what i got 6/20 for my account quiz !! OMG , am i a human or a moo moo ( i mean cow ) okay ? haha , stupid SSShole :( sorry miss wawa , i ve study a lots maybe "HEY YOU GIVE ME QUESTION I DONT KNOW SO I GIVE YOU ANSWER THAT YOU DONT KNOW TOO" ehhee :D but latest quiz i scored FULL MARK! it s petty cash thingy okay ! u dont know ? ahaha shame on you ! go and ask you lil tadika brother :P hey im going for shopping , later we talk laa , buh bye ! XOXO

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