Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear big brother nombor dua,

Congratulation for you graduation day broey !
Hope that your dream will come true.
Facing the true word wth your own IJAZAH SARJANA MUDA GEOLOGI :)
sounds cool to me and i cant wait for my graduation day hehe
Now , dah kerja rajin-rajin and make sure my pocket is always full ;p
Semoga cepat bertemu jodoh and kahwin and ada anak.
Waahh kakak plak excited eh. hehe
sorry wasnt at your graduation event and all stuff
was being busy with the finals and the truth is
hehe kiddies me. Here some picha that i curi from your FB ehee :D

hey hey watch out your hand ! abang hazmin jeles tuu :D

abang ! what a cute lil puppy face over there ;p Bhahaha

see , non of your friends that could attract me pfft ! nasib baik ta pegi JOKING HAHA

haaa part ni jeles ni haih , ayah teh and family , our family semua ada except me ! ohh wait ! haniff also :'( Tsk Tsk

okay si budak kecik ! awak pun ada jugak, hehe btw you are so grown up aqis --" cepatnyaaa
Okay peeps , i need to keyboard off now. haa btw im having my sem break now :D
Have a blast frend. Love ya till death :DD

p/s : Please pray for my beloved boyfriend for his final tomorrow. I love you sayang. do the best ya. :)

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