Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wishlist ;)

Mungkin ada orang dah lupa when is my birthday , arent you ? Hehe Ohh hawder yuh :'(
Ahh ta kire tapi ang wajib tau of course la Abah, Mama , Abang2 and Adik2. Haa kakak ipar juga ;D

My birthday is coming real soon , please be quick mrs 27th November :D !
and for your information , this is my LAST TEEN BIRTHDAY ! ohmyy :(
Well age is just a number or do i look old to you ? Naaah not at all !
Dulu time kecil2 , bila sampai birthday je best gila hehe sebab :-

1. Mama bali kerja awal sebab kena amek cake
2. Bibik sibuk susun kerusi meja makan, sudu garfu , pinggan mangkuk
3. Of course ad surely Mama akan masak spagetti sbb kawan-kawan akan habiskan cepat
4. Abah akan manjakan saya :')
5. Saya rasa special sangat and adik akan jeles Bhahaha
6. Hadiah macam-macam yang paling best from Abah :)

Well itu dulu tapi sekarang Imma a grown up lil daddys girl dah , so most of my teens birthday , I sambut with my friends. Sometimes they do surprise me but sometimes they failed to because WEY CARA BALING TELUR AND TEPUNG TUU DAH LAME LAA hehe , so kadang-kadang saya dah dapat agak dah amende dorg nak buat ! hehe
But thank you so much korang ! u have made my lfe perfect awwhh :')

Seriously this coming 27th November 2010,
I would like to have a candle lite birthday party with the beloved one REYZIAN :)
Sorry family , i cant celebrate my birthday this year with u guys due to the TARIKH TIME DAH BALIK U :(
It sokay just post me all those hadiah ye , will be waiting thou :DD

For whom that i loved to call my family members please assure that your pocket money is full !
Taraa here are SOME of my wishlist for this year ( It is a tradition okay ) :D

1. Top-shop leather jacket (make sure no pig skin please! )

2. Graydn blac leather jacket

3. Nokia n97 please2 bukan iphone pon ;p

4. Mom , of course a new vacation trip please not perth again. :D

That s all. I mean that s all that have crossed up my mind. I ll let you know if i got some more :p

Love you guys much ! MMuahh :DD

p/s : Dad , no meeting or any out station again please ! Im bored , Let s go out ! :(


  1. lawak doe.... ko nk pakai gi mane jacket tue?

  2. lepak time malam ke , lawa ohh :DD