Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Ladies and gentlemen who are in love or love drunk :') ,

This statement is sooo true. Yes it is !
Yang tuu je la nak cakap , malas aih tulis panjang :)
Well to be honest , clash isnt a good way in solving problems in a realtionship.
Trust me , I dah pernah clash with my current BF for about 1 month.
And every single day , i give him text but he seldom replied. maybe like i give him 10 message and he ll replied like 2 or 3 or no reaction at all +,-
Hell yeah. It was a pain and life changes a lot.
By the way , I learnt alots also about man. Not that alots. some maybe hehe
So , now I dah serik. I try to face it and puhlease dont cheat your BF laa
It s getting worse f u did. Just be honest and face it.
If i gaduh wth my BF , Ohh I wont go to bed that easy. I wont sleep till he says that " Sayang , I okay. Pergi tidur okay" Haa after that I akan tidur dengan lena tapi still akan rasa bersalah, Yelaa I sayang gila kot dia (':

Ok laa need some rest , I spent alots at the watson and guardian tadi. Nyesal bawak adek Syasya ikut. Hmmm :p

Peeps , see ya soon ! Take care XX

p/s : weh reyzian , mana u ah ? Text ta reply ponnnn. Merajuk ah camni --"

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