Wednesday, November 17, 2010


it started when A was being so bored in her college and decided to go online. Easy said , checking emails, checking notification in her facebook and yeah looking for her friend latest update. Sorry A wasnt that person who chat thru YM neither skype. Even in her laptop , she doesnt have SKYPE ! she s so lame. She knows that. But it wasnt because she s lame that she rarely chat thru ym , it just because she doesnt like to chat with someone who gets into her. Secret admirer fit the best perhaps. A is a single girl and willing to be like that but life change , people change and feelings change...

"Im hugry" | it s the first status of A where the first time B did gave her comments.
err but B did give her before it just that A didnt soo attract with him yet. But not this time , everything turned weird. B asked her for her emails and things. Yeah of course B talked sweet act sweet. Everything sweet ! A melted...

A and B were chatting thru the YM , A felt like a loser that she felt so weird why she chat with B but not the other guys. But still she chats and chats.. till something happened.

till now A kinda shocked why did she melted with B , because she used to be a single girl in a single life. She had fun with that but still she felt awesome (:

p/s : it s just the beginning , mama s right behind me. Got to go haha. Will be continued.....

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