Saturday, November 20, 2010


Whenever I see couples, I get jealous..

" I wish I had a boyfriend like that "| I think to myself.

But I just don't want a boyfriend like that, I want......


Hello , I am Hanis and yes I am currently missing Reyzian so much. Outside is still raining cats and dogs , I am not sure when will they gonna stop.

Reyzian ,
I hope that you are doing just fine with the family there peacefully. I want to let you know that I am so happy to have you as my life partner yestersay , today , tomorrow and forever. InsyaAllah.

You know what , Tonight I would like to tell you why do I like you , why do I love you and why do I need you. Listen to me and open your heart for me.

I do like you since 20 January , a day after your birthday. When I think back , I am so glad to like you on that date because i feel like I am your huge wonderful present for you but I am so sad that you always tell me that time was your terrible birthday ever had , NO it is not. See lets believe in destiny where I come to you when you are having such bad moment on 19 January. Please be happy. I like you because your handsome, inside. And out. Your cool. Your loving. Your Caring. Your smart. Your fun. Your adventorous. They say no one is perfect,. But they’re wrong. You are perfect. You have what any guys dont really have. Boyfriend , I love you.


I do love you with all my heart. Please trust me when I am expressing my feeling and dont laugh because I know you will make some faces neither good one or bad one. Sit down properly and listen to me. Feel me like I am there right next to you, holding your hands , looking into your eyes. I love you because we are meant to be together. I have been searching for my right one , and thank you I ve found you. I am falling for you since 14 March , It s our day 143 day. I LOVE YOU. Thank you for making me so happy that day by sending the " Happy 143 day ! " to me. I know you dont really mean it that time but dont worry, what i felt that time , i do meant it till today , forever and always. You knocked my heart and I have let you in so please dont ever get out because I lost the key already. Perhaps love , perhaps. Boyfriend , I love you. Please let me know that you do love me too.


I do need you during hard and easy moment. The day that you came into my life , I ve make a deal here , inside my heart that I wont leave you for no reasons and I will make it thru it with you. Life is like a circle , you will always meet the ending and always start a new beginning. I need you so much because your always there for me. Your an amazing friend. You love me. I wont ever find another human being like you. You never give up on me. You see past my flaws. You go through all kinds of things with me that no one else ever would. You keep me out of trouble. You are everything i could ask for. Boyfriend, I love you.


For the only guys i have in my entire life , thank you for making my small life getting bigger , my hard life getting easier, my weak life getting stronger. Thank you for your sacrifices , thank you for everything. I love you.

I want all of you, forever, you and me. Everyday...

Do you know that when people appear in your dream , it' s because that person wants to see you.

p/s : i have been dreaming for you last night and this evening. I miss you. TC

Lotsa Love , Hanis.

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