Monday, February 21, 2011

It was completely over

Alright this post ni macam dah laaame actually nak post but I wasnt dare to do that since it needs some mood and have to be extra strong ;)

Fisrtly I would like to thank R for being my first love. Haa he was my first love. I mean the one who I genuinely falling in love with. Thank you so much :')

Why did I post this ? It s because people keep on asking me in the facebook and also formspring
"Eh hanis, single ? whats up ?"
"Sad to hear that you are already broke up, is it true? I heard rumors at Uniten Bangi"
"You dah single ? I dah agak dah tak laama. I kenal Yan"

ada lagi yang tanya tp biarlaah takkan nak list everything kot. Thanks for those who concern that they dont believe in rumors and wtv tuu and fuck yuu for those who talking the bad side of us ! there s no such thing bad happened anyway :|

For your information, both of us keep on silent. Why ? because theres thing that shouldnt be out spoken yet. Need time, need everything. Aih ingat tak hurt ke clash ?

Soo, I and R were like 2 months being a single person. Well we still try to fix our relationship but there s still something that goes wrong. Shit happened people :)

It takes time for me and so do him. I make mistakes, everyone makes mistake and Im sorry for screwing up everything. And I do pray for your good :)

Notes for you R.H,

Be happy whenever you want to
Laugh out loud alwaysss
Dont skip any meals otherwise masuk angin sakit nanti -,-
Sorry that I have to cut my hair
And for good, I dah already quit from some photoshoot. I shoot only for good :)
When your life treats you bad, re-read the notes that i wrote in your journal (If u still keep it)
Basketball ? Hehe I will miss that so much ofc. So please be careful so that you wont slip or cramp and etc :)
Still have some more but I know you will be fine without any of my advice.

Notes to your next girlfriend :

Whenever R trying to gain your attention, give it some. NO I mean give him FULL of attention.
He often eating masakan melayu and timur, so make sure you are a well-cooked chef.
Dont ever try to end up call without any words. DONT EVER !
When he say no, that means NO. No alaa alaa and so on. He dislikes gedikness haha
While R s driving, dont talk about other bombastic cars, do praise his car blaby ;)
And always switch on the radio because sometimes he might forget to switch it on otherwise it will be soo boring -,-
Haaa, the most important part, if you and him heading to a place where actually you know the place is but R doesnt, please pretend that you dont -,- annoying kan ? well it is haha
Dont ever make jokes about him infront of his gang :|
Respect him ! that is a must. everyone does actually.

Well actually you dont have to really really follow my notes because I think he will just accept you the way you are ;)

Take a good care of him please.

Alright now, some of my list to do things dah donee ! :)
Lets move on

like mama said " hidup ini banyak episode, satu episode dah habis still have banyak lagi episode but make sure you make a good movies "
Thank you mama :')

Ok peeps, I need to have some rest. Just got back from hospital haaih. -,-

Take care. XX