Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sem break !

Hello peeps,
first of all im sorry for not always updating my blog haha i got message via the fb asking fr my blog update. So now lets see what we can really share about ;)

Okay talking about my sem break, haih I wasnt having so much fun. No perth-ing anymore.
and that s soo not cool plus Malaysia annoyed me much this curretly :|

My first week of this sem break ( I got another week left = 2 weeks of sem break)
I ve spent this whole yeah time at my brotha house playing with Balqis.
Fyi, she s sooo a grown up lil kid ;)
And I do miss her already Tsk Tsk T_T
Okay enough with her ! Hahaha

I was attending a prom night last night actually and yeayy you guys can checkout my photos in my fb for sure ;)
Haaaaaaa, I dont have any prom date yet okaaaay, NATHAA! and thats mean I went there SINGLE ALONE A LONERR. Yeah tahu bosan tapi tak apa, at least I enjoyd myself there so much.
But if SE could come along, that will be sooo much fun but naaaaah --" Harapanla
Thanks to Meor for being such a good friend of mine that night.
He ssoo cool because he s forgotten his lyrics while singing. LOL
whaddahek Mayomayo, tapi takpe da backup baik punya with aaaaaalalalaammmmmmm tu ;)
Cant take my eyes of you- by Meor Alfaizal ;) BIG CLAPS.

And after that we went to Teluk Cempedak (I WAS MISSING SE so bad that time )
So I texted him, "uuuuuuuuuu"
Then he replied " yeah prom dah habis?"
Hahahaha and so on. After done lepaking, I drove way tooo far to DUNGUN.
OMG, God knows how letih I am like seriously penat gila okay.

Then reached dungun abt pagi jugaklah have breakfast bla la. then balik rumaaaaah.
OMG, this post bosan lah --"

mm sorry I dont have any moods dah BYE :|


  1. u know my brother mayo? suprising

  2. oh he s your brother ? I thought dia ada kakak puteri je yang girl dalam fam

  3. Oh i kenal his sister that akak puteri, so you re the second daughter or what ?

  4. teluk cempedak? ohh...jatuh cinta sama itu tempat... <3