Thursday, March 17, 2011


For you that might be reading this,

Maybe it isnt worth it for you to read this,
maybe it is too late for me to say this,
but as long as I have the chance that I ve been searching for,
so just get it start it, thank you.


Dear you,

Even there are guys who might chasing on me,
trust me they wont get into me like you did,
maybe they will but not into my heart or into any soft feelings,
they are just persons that will come and go in life,
non of them will leave their footprints in my life like you did.
and I really mean it.


Dear me,

Even there are girls who might chasing on him,
trust yourself that he will be happy in meantime,
If you really do love him,
let him be happy always because he did gave you the chances but you have spoiled it,
try to accept that things will not be the same again. never do.
If its will, let he comes to you.
Enough with efforts that you have done.
He is happy with his life without you.
Try to move on no matter how hurts it is.
Yes, I will but whenever you turn back, I ll be here waiting for you with open arms.


Dear us,
Im sorry for all the things that might screw up.
We had it enough with midnight movies, candle light dinner,chilling,beaching,webcaming,skyping,ym-ing,facebooking,shopping,texting,calling,cooking,fighting,arguing,hating,forcing,eating,drinking,smoking,
,hugging,kissing,cuddling and some more things that we used to do before together.
but dont worry dear us,
that part of loving and missing will always there for you. Im sure.
Take care until we meet again.


truly loving you,me and us