Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Im not feeling so well today.
Maybe because of the rains.
Im scared of it sometimes.
I keep myself in bed for the whole day.
Then a guy called me asking me how am i doing
since I didnt pick up any of his call either text also.
Sorry I have no mood to talk with anyone except my mom
But I was touched with his reaction that he wants to pick me up and go to the clinic
I refused to then he keep on persuading me, then I said thank you, but I dont have the feeling of going to clinic.
A couple of time,
he came with a lunch at his hand, borrowed his friends car come to see me.
Oh my god, I thought there s no one that care for me now but I was wrong.
Maybe I couldnt see the one who cares for me because Im too busy care for someone that I forget to care of myself :'(

Im so touched like really do.
Thank you may God bless you always.

Okay enough with crying baby like someone said to me past time
"takmau cengeng-cengeng"

Hmm I hope you are doing fine there, good luck on your finals. Bye take care.


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