Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deyy, I should stop craving for you and instead of that I should do nothing.
If is it true, you are the one who have to come back to me.
I had enough with broken hearts and all that.
As I said, Im hoping too much yet it wont ever come.
I know you feel like soo awesome that a girl really crave for you but take a second and look at her, does she happy with what you have done to her? Did she hurt herself like so bad or what ?
Realize that everyone has a heart like you do but it it differs by how you keep your heart safely.
Theres someone who s being so egomaniac just to take care of their own heart, ignore others
and theres also someone who s being so generous to take care of others heart. ignore theirs.
Choose either one, doesnt matter how cool are you or how handsome you are, that the hearts defined the type of you. So chill, I know you are doing great. But life is fair, what you give, you get back either its good or bad, you choose :)

Lets see what should I do to heal a heart and stop thinking of you :)
1. pretend so busy with friends
2. scandalism
3. change number
4. eat a lot.

Tett I rather to just go with the flow (:

bye take care

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