Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enough with broken heart

Hye there ;)
Lets talk about me and you or us ;)
Well, fyi Im currently having my last semester o yeah and I swear it feels like soo good !
Haha, okaay but the shit things here are ;
  • I have to move on to other house which is lampu rosak, pintu toilet rosak, bilik macam haram. Best !
  • Result still not so good, friends do said its good but okay la, wtv
  • Im currently staying at Jet's because I have an internal problem wth a girl who think she has everything but actly it just temporary one. So please change your attitude man. Yucks
  • Planning for a hair cut but Muadzam doesnt have that typical type of salon that I prefer to go to
  • I didnt come up to any class yet since theres no SAFIRA RAMLAN who act like this is her dad s college, so note please COME BACK and SIT BESIDE ME, -,-
Ok I need to have my shower now now ! Otherwise my hair goes nuts ! Bye peeps

See you sooooon or later :O
hehe. Take care ! XX

Eh kejap, so long I didnt post any of my photos saying that my hair getting longer kan?
Kenapa ? Tak percaya. Well you better do now!

See ! I ve told yaaaa :)

Okay bye bye byeeeee ! :D

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