Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happiness should always come from friends

Hye there fella, sorry for not being soo updated with my blog.
Im busy busying myself ;)
Well fyi, i am having me last day of weekend at Shah Alam.
It was great. Everything is great.
Thanks for friends and families who are always there for me.
Like seriously it is soo long that I didnt get myself into boy-friends I mean kawan lain2 jantina :)
I used to hang out with girls so often so I make changes.
It was a bit awkward like seriously do haha but I enjoyed myself shisha-ing, lepak-ing and everything.
Thanks to all.
Thank you for coming here and played with Balqis too. Sorry my anak sedara is a bit gangster this lately -,-
I have to stay on the track like this, so that I wont crave for anyone who doesnt deserve me anymore. Its good :)
Alright I have to get ready, Muadzam ! here we go ;)

p/s : next week janda baik kan, ke broga ? Thank you mom for the support. ILY :')

Take care XX

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