Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where are you jet ??? Im starving ughhh -,-

Hye there fella, *yawn
Haha good morning, i have a really nice sleep last night. Feel like no more waking up in the morning. So how are you doing ? hope everyone is in the pink of health ;)

Last night I had come to a conclusion that I dont need to force everyone to love me, I dont have to change myself to make someone like me. Yes I maybe not that perfect but if you are a nice person, you will always put aside that negative part right?

How I miss my old life with my girlfriends where we always busy with study stufff, lauging about the biodiversity, lab,minor operation and so on. Easy said, I miss everyone that makes my life goes just smooth. They know how to cheer me up ! really does. So now I have to stop somethings that I used to do, I have to start everything back. Get serious in study and everything.

for someone who maybe a bit ignoring me,
It is good for me knowing that I had finally found a conclusion. I just want you to know, even you didnt realize how hurt I am, I dont mind at all. I hope one day life teaches you how to take care of loved one before they might leave you one day. Just dont act like "its okay how bad I treat her, somehow she ll always be with me". I am no longer like that. I dont want to be a fool that someone can make easy of you. Seriously no. :)

Okay enough with him I think,
I have macroeconomics first quiz tomorrow! and I didnt start any revision yet,lazy sunday eh saturday hmm lazy everyday I guess. Screw me :(
Eh did you guys know that yesterday Muadzam was going soo supper shit!
We are having zero water supply, and I mean the whole muadzam! haha funnay
eh but now already got laaa ;)
Okay I really need to study, I hate to sit in a same class with all those scholar students.
It makes me sick, no fun at all. everyone fnished their tutorial that I was so lazy about that.
Hurmm malunyaaa if dapat rendah quiz.
Okay bye guys before start mumbling around I think I have to go. Bye bye

Take care okay. Love you the most! :)

btw that video, i hurt and falling into pieces.Thank you so much,now I know what type of guy you are :)

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