Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have no doubt for this awesome movie. Seriously I have to like MUST watch this movie.
Never regret !
Christina Aguilera was damn superb. Oh maaiyaa I adore you so much :D
This movie is about a country-side girl Ali who s from Iowa went to LA for finding a better job and yeah she s sooo superb in dancing and singing too.
Then she went to a lounge so called BURLESQUE and there is where everything start and her life changes a lot.
Well it is true it takes a legend to make a star :)

by the way I like to thank 'you' for the movie.
Thank you for keeping me company.
Thank you for the 'confession' too -,-
thank you for at least making one of my dream
become true :)

p/s ; jaga lighter i yang comel baik-baik ;D

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