Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My petdog also called lesbian partner

Hye guyss !

Due to unpack and free gila babs of jadual kelas, so lets blogging till vomit :D
Mom and Dad, I have a soulmate and HE s a girl ? What to do -,-
Haha naaaah, she is my best buddy ever.
She knows me like so well and please I never get horny with her !
Neva eva ;)

She s soo called JET. Aeroplane also can haa whateva la haha.
Okay girlfriends out there Im sorry for picking up this idiot for my GAY partner. So sorry haha
Okay Jet, lets get married and make babies. whaddafak ! :D

Note from your lovely friend and the only one in the whole world :D

Hanis Hazmin Muah

Bye heartbreakers and makelovers. See you soon baby ;)

p/s : Jet please balik awal please nak pergi pekan beli roti. -,-

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