Tuesday, March 15, 2011


"Let s play truth or dare or maybe just dare because no one knows how to tell the truth anymore"

Quote of the day perhaps :)

Hye peeps, how are you doing to day?
Im doing fine just usual like before, maybe a lil bit better than before.
Thank God.
I ve been taking my test already so now I have to focus on my current study
Oh yeah Im currently having that stupid Insomnia, whatever
Is it Insomnia or I just dont want to go to sleep so that I wont dreaming of the same thing again.


Im missing my mom and dad so baddd. Really bad.
I miss everyone, I miss home.
All I need is just to sit down with families and have a long talk together :')
Take care sunshine, see you guys soon ! Real soon !

Alright now I have to get ready for my bed, got early class tomorrow. sucks !

Nyte bye XX


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