Saturday, March 5, 2011

Utk U from I yang from U utk I,

I never get jealous when I see my ex with someone else, because my parents always taught me to give my used toys to the less fortunate.

feeling awkward.

is in between.

i find that you look kinda cute tonight.i mean your behaviour.i lil bit sarcastic.exceptional.

the best birthday gift was having all your family and friends close to you. Thank you guys.

i keep listen to her voice mail sing Yellow to me. i wish i can turn back the time that we used to be with each other.

your voice made my day.tq

look how they shine for you.

a girl sent me a voice mail last night, singing Yellow by Coldplay..still cant get it off my mind :)

Honestly, I hurt tapi I still fight for you and this the only things that U tweet, bukan semua yang u buat I hurt, why did you let me go that easy when I was like a crazy girl craving for you. Why ? :'(
Kenapa semua u tweet pasal i semuanya yang sedih2 instead of our happy moment ?
U cakap the best gift ever was your friend during yur brthday, how about me ?
A girl sing for you ? how about me ? I sing for you but u never tweet.
How about me ? my feelings ? Sapa nak jaga ? Siapa nak calmkan I time I broke, I have no one except my family and you.

Thank you for your attention, Im done. I need to go far away from you.

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