Tuesday, May 3, 2011

She s so adorable. I must tell

Well actually it was like ages I didnt post anything yet this month I guess. So for a good kick start for my MAYvelous month, i would like to give a space for this adorable girl of mine ;)

I just knew her like a couple of times but yeah it was so good having you as my friend, for at least I have someone to cheer me up in this so called forest haha. So let s get to know her a step forward shall we ;)

Amira Nashrah or easy called as MILEY cyrus ni dah buah hati jantung i semua taw :')
Mula mula kenal macam cranky sikit lama lama okay ha dah nampak dah haa true color of her.
I like the way she be friend with me. She s full of enjoyment and everythng. Cant wait to meet ths pretty girl soon. Kau balik cepat gila ! Hahaha

hugs and kisses for miley. Love you till Muadzam have its own fast food. arent that sweet :"D


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