Thursday, June 16, 2011

From hanis with love ;

Hye dear readers, sorry for not updating my blog. It has been ages since I last posted the previous post. Hehe sorry been busy with college life, the finals, packing stuff and some sort of problems, yeah cant even run from any of it. So how s life ? I hope everyone is enjoying their moments out there because I am on my holiday for 3 months ! Jyeaaaah ;D


Okay back to my topic up thereee, it is true that rumors told you im having some "love s in the air" with a guy who s in the same college as mine, Yes it is. Since everyone is asking me thru my facebook so alright i make it easy. YES :') and as usual when i said yes, still got people asking me this type of question ;

1. "waah hanis, macam mana boleh kenal? "
2. " how did he purpose you?"
3. "im proud knowing that you are in love again, so what make you get over your ex?"

one answer; miracles happened in life dude :)

and still got a few people who re maybe kinda jealous with us that they re making such stupid stories like Im a gal who are easily to fall in love with. Come on, it s my pleasure to have you in my shoe, then you know how it feels like to be me. Stop F-ing somebody s happiness will ya ;)

To be honest, i am so in love with this guy like seriously do. I mean do you ever feel like when you are waking up in the morning, all you want to see is your man standing right in front of ya. Every single morning. It feels calm yet so happy inside of you. The soft feelings that no words could ever describe about it. We have known each other for almost 9 months, it s quite a long time and i never feel like getting bored of him. The love just getting loads every each day Im breathing.

Saiful Ezzany,

You are maybe not my first one but noted that I would love to be your last. To be the woman who making you breakfast in the morning, to be the woman who call you asking you to come home and have lunch with me, to be the woman who always there for you thru your ups and downs. Maybe im kinda boyish outside but the honest is i still have a beautiful secret art deep inside my heart. I love you :)

Pictures could tell you how much we are loving each other everyday I guess <3

My man :)

and look isnt he s the cutest of all tehee :')

P/S ; I love you till the sun turns pink, till elephant got wings and till the last breath of mine :)

Loads of love,


  1. dont believe 100% in love :) it sweet , but sometimes it hurt :)

  2. thanks adik ;) eh i want lots of follower like you :(

  3. hopefully you will be his last ;)