Monday, August 15, 2011

Some people called it torture month, but the truth it s Ramadhan

It has been ages i didnt blog out anything yet. Well dont blame me, blame my life to be extra wonderful than blog is. So now im in, case closed !


We are already half way of Ramadhan since today is our 15th day of fasting. So i think it s not too late to wish Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak, or maybe it is. The good thing now is im home ! Which is myself is currently having a very precious moment celebrating Ramadhan at home with family. So no more "Mama dah beli tiket kakak balik rumah ?" "Mama, now dekat Karak dah, jalan jemmmm!" and not to forget "Abang, we are musafir aite ? Lets go buy something at Petronas!" So yeah no ! and i dont miss that :B


I still remember the first time Mama & Abah taught me "Wani, big girl already. Now u have to puasa same like mama and abah. also your brothers did" and it was long way ago when we were in UK. So the first time fasting was not that bad since Mama gave me , hmm do you guys know this ? "puasa setengah hari" Well it s like u just have to tahan your lapar till lunch, so after that u can go eat like a monster. Yayy that s me when i was 5 or maybe 6 -,-


But now, life changes, always do. I am no longer a 5 lil kid, i am turning to 20 this coming november, and no more puasa setengah hari ! No more. Unless if Allah gives me the cuti then i wont go fasting, i ll eat whatever i want to. Credits to us, woman.


So happy Ramadhan and cherish all those moment with your beloved ones. There s four men in my life, grandpa, abah, my brothers and him. I love to be loved and to love. Take care xx

p/s : by the way, that is NOT my baju raya and what so ever :B

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